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Seasonal Roof Maintenance: Your Comprehensive Checklist


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Jun 14




Proper roof maintenance throughout the year is essential for ensuring its longevity and performance. At Fasto Roofing, we recommend a seasonal approach to roof care to keep your home protected and in excellent condition. Here is a comprehensive checklist for each season.

Spring Checklist

Clean Gutters

Remove debris that accumulated over the winter to prevent water damage.

Inspect Shingles

Check for any winter damage, such as cracks or missing shingles, and replace as necessary.

Check for Mold

Look for any signs of mold and address immediately to prevent spread.


Ensure all areas are properly sealed to handle spring rains.

Summer Checklist

Animal Damage

Inspect for holes or damage caused by nesting animals and repair promptly.

Skylight Maintenance

Check the condition of skylights and perform any necessary repairs while the weather is favorable.

Ventilation Check

Ensure the roof ventilation system is functioning properly to reduce energy bills during hot weather.

Fall Checklist

Trim Foliage

Cut back tree branches that could fall and damage the roof during winter storms.

Chimney Inspection

Inspect and clean the chimney if you plan to use it during the winter.

Professional Inspection

Schedule a professional roof inspection to identify and repair any issues before winter.

Winter Checklist

Snow Removal

Regularly remove snow to prevent excess weight from damaging the roof.

Debris Removal

Clear any debris blown onto the roof by winter winds.

Check for Sagging

Inspect the roof for signs of sagging under the weight of snow and ice, and address issues promptly.


Consistent seasonal maintenance helps extend the life of your roof and ensures your home remains safe and comfortable. Fasto Roofing, with our commitment to quality and excellence, offers professional inspection and repair services to keep your roof in top condition.

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